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> Welcome:  Build your own car NOS kit!  +Understand all Nitrous Systems properly!

John WilliamsonWhat this site is all about

How to understand car and bike Nitrous Systems!
 Road or Race, Wild or Mild.

Or how to build your own Nitrous kit from scratch for very little money should you wish to!  How it all came about 25 years ago Here

A great many have done this successfully & reliably and safely after reading these very pages over the last ten years or so.

Don't worry its quite easy if you are fairly bright, its cheap & safe* & interesting once you have read & understood all of these pages! (with some obvious exceptions!   And these pages are in no particular order and the titles are often misleading - So read the bike Nitrous System pages even if you have a car for example. You need ALL the information.


*Don't try building anything yet though, especially filling tanks and bottles, until you REALLY have grasped the finer details or it actually could be very dangerous!  Knowledge really is power as well as safety in this case!  Perfectly safe as long as you understood the parameters. 

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is MUCH more effective in creating more power safely and cheaply than any conventional engine tuning work ever could be. And its transferable to your next car or bike too. And no unlike the film "The Fast and the Furious" it isn't going to damage your motor or scare you! Unless you want it too...

Look - Power Curves. My totally Click to see a richer run as well as these twostock Suzuki 1100 WP for example Its brand new here & not run in yet, 2 Power Runs - one STOCK and one with one of my cheap DIY Nitrous Systems operated at 7400 rpm...

A safe 190bhp at the rear wheel. Once it had colder plugs fitted, and a straight through "loud" exhaust it was well over 200bhp at the rear wheel.  This is typical. Works just the same on cars too.

Click graph for a bigger view in a new window >>>

Torque. This is the same two runs on the Dynamometer but displayed as a torque curves. This is actually a better demonstration and more relevant. The rate of acceleration is the same thing as the torque produced so this is what you would actually feel when you hit the button as acceleration rate.

Feels like a truck ran into the back of you but it keeps on going! This bike already did 0 to 100mph in under 5 secs. Imagine how it feels now!   And this was just 50 extra bhp, 150 bhp extra is quite feasible if you wish...

Click graph for a bigger view in a new window >>>

You can make your own car / bike much faster!  Cheaply and easily, without all the disadvantages and cost of normal engine tuning work like cams, cylinder head porting, pistons, carbs or chips and manifolds etc. Far greater BHP increases for the money!  And when you are not using the Nitrous System the car is still the same smooth quiet standard vehicle it was before. Unlike a "tuned" car that is a horrible thing to drive for the majority of the time on the road...

If you use a manufactured Nitrous Injection System such as Holly, NOS, High-Power (WON), Cold Fusion, Zex, NX or Nitrous Express or any other of the now dozens of clones then you will be able to understand the differences and the shortcomings of the US clone systems and "Dry" systems. Or just learn about Nitrous Injection in detail generally.

So... If you have a little intelligence, can read, and understand a little simple physics - you too can build your own reliable, safe, powerful Nitrous Oxide Injection Kit very cheaply and professionally.  All the info you will need is on these pages...  But you need to read every page other than insurance and links.

More importantly though, you will Understand how everything works in detail and it will cost you far less... Typically 120 UK Pounds or $20 US Dollars for a full neat and tidy DIY Nitrous system, with up to 140 BHP extra power!  And it will be a better system design for a large number of reasons than a typical US designed Nitrous System (NOS kit)

That's seriously cheap and CONTROLLABLE Horsepower!  Especially if you fit more than a single stage, or do more than one vehicle. Or fit a Pulsed Controller.

Maybe you will just prefer to save yourself the work and time, and simply buy a Nitrous Kit off the shelf, but either way, the unbiased information contained on this site will be very useful to you whatever make your kit is!  All of the current US based systems are now very old designs, with obvious shortcomings but seem to have a mass following of people "swearing" by them regardless!   They just don't or won't see the shortcomings...

I have been building Nitrous Kits and testing systems for 20 years or so now, ever since I got hooked!  Mainly as a hobby. And believe me, the US based systems have a good few design problems... Especially on smaller engines or pulsed controller (P.W.M..) type systems. Your DIY system can avoid these problems and I can show you why most of the "others" are badly designed at the same time.

How Nitrous Works (simple quick version!)

Nitrous oxide systems make additional horsepower by allowing an engine to burn more fuel than it could normally do. Burning more fuel creates higher cylinder pressures that will push down on the pistons with greater force.  This gives much more power!   It does this by adding extra oxygen in a safe manor.

Nitrous operates whenever you want it to, By pushing a button, or at full throttle - you can choose when and for how long. It will NOT hurt your engine if set up carefully and reasonable amounts are used!

Basically Nitrous Oxide is stored in a metal tank or "bottle" in the boot (trunk) of your car. It is a compound of Nitrogen and Oxygen. When it gets heated up inside the engine during combustion, it breaks down from the Compound N2O called Nitrous Oxide or N2O (NOT NOS that's a company) into two separate gasses, Oxygen and Nitrogen. This is a good thing! Because the extra oxygen now present allows more fuel to be burned and the Nitrogen although "inert" absorbs the extra heat and expands...



The extra fuel that is now also required is injected at the same time as the N2O via an additional solenoid valve and injector into the intake system. This is carefully metered with a jet to ensure that exactly the correct amount is added. Its a little more complex than this, but that is a basically all there is to it.

So YOUR car can have Nitrous Oxide Injection (*NOS) added easily and without any damage or other drama!   Actually almost any car, bike, plane, jet-ski, snowmobile, micro-light Aircraft, lawnmower can too!

Although I am going to fit my own home built system to my new minivan over here! It really needs it...



*Technically the term NOS is incorrect as this refers to an specific company (called Nitrous Oxide Systems, in the US)


Web design & contents, Nitrous / fuel Jet Sizing, technical information, pictures, charts are all 1987 and on. Any theft will be pursued vigorously..










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