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> Downloads:  Automotive Dynamometer Software, Nitrous Jetting Charts, Conversion Software - free!

Free Download Area

1) Convert is extremely useful for converting almost any unit into any other!

And its freely distributable - Useful gadget! Its a simple executable file (Virus checked) and best run directly from your desktop!  Screenshot >>>



2) My own Nitrous & Fuel and fuel pressures and flow rate "jetting chart" as a PDF file. To download this to your desktop right click it and choose "Save Target As". You will need Adobe Acrobat installed but this is free and most people already have this installed. DOWNLOAD

3) My own Nitrous & Fuel and fuel pressures and flow rate "jetting chart" as a MS Word (97 to 03) Document. To download this to your desktop right click it and choose "Save Target As". You will need "word" installed  DOWNLOAD -- Wont work correctly in more recent versions of office use the PDF above!


4) My own (now quite old) Inertial Dynamometer (Dyno) Software. This was designed originally to run as a stand alone DOS program, although it looks a bit windows like and uses right mouse clicks etc on the graphs, and drag and enlarge etc. It has a good few bikes already in the database, including my Nitrous Suzuki GSXR stock street bike. It may be of some interest to some people? DOWNLOAD

Don't worry, it comes with an Uninstall, and in any case only installs its own files in its own directory! Safe to easily delete if you want to. Virus Checked. Screen shots / pictures and some comments below...

This is a view into the rear of my own home built development unit. This was a mobile trailer dyno unit, while testing bikes for performance bikes magazine at Bruntingthorpe test facility in 1995. The side door that you can see open on the left side is why they call me Burgerman!  The bike drives in 4th or top gear a half tone solid steel drum, from low speed/rpm up to the rev limiter or its max possible speed, and the power and torque produced at any given engine speed is calculated  from the rate of acceleration of the known mass of the drum.

.Gear changing by hand at around 160mph is easy! The drum is solid steed and weighs half a ton!

Above. This unit was used for electronics and software development mainly, and over a few years nearly sent me deaf! Ever stood next to a full blown drag bike with open pipes at full throttle and 200 mph?  I have... Fortunately this one isn't one of them!


Below, is a few screen shots from my software that you can download above if you really want!

The blue box can be resized and any part of any bikes power or torque curves can be enlarged and small differences clearly seen.

Run screen

Hold the speed in the variable green part on the speedometer, and the light sequence starts. On the green give it full throttle! No buttons to push, it's all automatic.

Customer Details still need to be entered into the database though.....

This graph shows the effect of a single stage of Nitrous Oxide on my own otherwise stock GSXR1100 Suzuki. The green line was the base run. The blue line was with Nitrous Oxide and you can clearly see the effect when the button was pushed at 7400rpm...... About 50bhp extra at the rear wheel instantly causes a lot of excitement on the road, making short work of very expensive tyres in lower gears!

Setting parameters

Setting various parameters......

Data for any RPM points given and correction factor.

The right mouse button allows an exact bhp/rpm/correction factor readout for any rpm point along the curves. As shown by the blue vertical line


5) OHMS LAW calculator.  You tell it  volts, amps, ohms or watts (any two) and it will tell you the other two. Download


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