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John WilliamsonEasy Nitrous Supplies!!!

You want to buy Nitrous Oxide for automotive use?

An email I recently received...

Hey John, I hope all is well. I have been into nitrous for quite a while now, and came across your site quite a while back. I have worked for Energas based in Hull, but 9 months ago I opened up a company called Blended Products, dealing mainly in Ammonia (drums and cylinders). Basically i specialise in selling specialist type gases that customers use, concentrating mainly on those types of gases where suppliers give a really poor service.......BOC..........AIR PRODUCTS..............LINDE..............


Ammonia was the first gas I took on, and around 3 months ago I decided to give nitrous a go. Energas buys approx 600 cylinders a year, and have used LINDE GAS for nitrous since they started selling N20 five years ago. Now, it was noticed that the service from Linde was getting poorer and poorer, not only were Nitrous cylinders arriving with less in , but delivery times were shocking, and their rental system even worse. Basically, Linde's main problem was that they had taken on a couple of very large medical contracts, and the service to Energas suffered greatly.

Seeing how poor the service was to Energas (600 cyl's per year) I could only imagine how bad the service was to somebody who buys 3 cylinders a year.

Seeing a gap in the market, I decided to go direct to where Linde buy from, so from now on, i shall be supplying Energas with all of their Nitrous requirements and it is working really well.

I am keen to expand and have had a website built that offers a refills throughout the country on a pick up & drop off basis through a courier network (5lb and 11lb Cylinders). We also offer the larger 50 Litre cylinders to basically anybody who wants them throughout the uk from our distribution site in Elsham (N. Lincs).

It is also possible to buy luxfer cylinders complete with VTI Diptube valves at reasonable rates.


Our list Price is cheaper than Linde, and so is the delivery and rental, and i'm more than happy to do discounts to clubs / referred customers.

I would be very grateful if u could take a look at the site and give me your opinion, possibly with a view to adding a sponsored link from your site if this is an option.

Many Thanks,

Alex Robinson
Blended Products Ltd. (hull)
01482 329333


*Technically the term NOS is incorrect as this refers to an specific company (called Nitrous Oxide Systems, in the US)


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