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> Disclaimer:  Read and understand!

Disclaimer - READ - Before you start on this project!

Working with High Pressures, liquefied high pressure gasses modifying and making equipment, fast cars and bikes, and damage to engines, people and property is all a very great possibility.  As is the possibility of death or injury if you do something wrong.

I am not responsible for you, or your capabilities or ignorance.



If you don't understand absolutely and completely what you are doing and all the dangers then don't do it.  The stuff on this website can be really dangerous!  Exploding nitrous bottles can demolish a house. A runaway car can kill. A faster car is more dangerous than a stock one (in the wrong hands).

I try to be as informative as I can and do so in good faith. I know that these systems are perfectly safe to build and operate and so do many others. So much so that at least two "manufacturers" that I know of learned what they know from these pages and only started selling Nitrous Systems because of them..

The System works and works well. But not everyone is capable of doing something like this. Or at least having the intelligence and mechanical knowledge and understanding to do it properly and safely.

In other words its entirely safe for people and engines if you are intelligent and understand what you are doing but a step too far if you are an idiot.  If this is you and you are not capable then do everyone a favour and buy a commercial system please!

Someone somewhere E-MAILS me at least once a week wants to know if they can fill a DRY POWDER fire extinguisher with Nitrous!?  Or something equally dangerous or stupid. 

I try to make these pages as idiot proof as possible. But they keep on bringing out better idiots... (Copyright Trev @ HighPower Nitrous!)

So if you decide to build a system or use any information from this site you are on your own!

Its YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY to ensure your own and others around you ARE SAFE.   Not mine! Everything is at your own risk.



Web design & contents, Nitrous / fuel Jet Sizing, technical information, pictures, charts are all 1987 and on. Any theft will be pursued vigorously..



















































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