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What Follows is an email that was forwarded from one of the guys building a system, it may be of some use if you feel you cannot modify a valve.

I cant say if it is suitable because I have never seen one, but with the seat size/bore it would limit the system to a max of 100 bhp increase.

www.kvautomation.co.uk is I presume their website should you wish to contact them.


hi there, ive been very interested in your ideas with Nitrous, and have begun to build my own kit as per your suggestions. Thankfully i have the assistance of the nice people at kvautomation with this plan and they have given better recommendations on valves. You may want to include this in your site as it saves you having to do the modifications you suggested to the solenoids.

i have included the email conversations i had with the people at kvautomation, hope this is of some use.
basically the valves they suggest are:
Nitrous/Oxide gas, Part number 04-211-101-24-6vdc 10w @ 41.40ea
Gasolene, Part number 06-211-102-21-6vdc 5w @ 23.93
(internal bore on nitrous valve is 1.2mm therefore limiting to around 120bhp)
danny (any reply grateful)

Harry Smith wrote:
> Dear Danny
> Further to our recent meeting, please find detailed below our
> recommendations for your applications.
> For the CO2 gas, Part number 04-211-101-20-6vdc 10w @ 34.95ea
> For the Nitreous/Oxide gas, Part number 04-211-101-24-6vdc 10w @ 41.40ea
> For the Gasolene, Part number 06-211-102-21-6vdc 5w @ 23.93
> Delivery -
> These valves offer the correct pressure ratings/seals that you have relayed
> to ourselves. We
> look forward to your order, if we can be of further help please feel free to
> contact us.
> Regards
> xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
> Sales Engineer KV
> -----Original Message-----
> Sent: 15 May 2002 09:06
> Subject: RE: Solenoid Valves
> Hi xxxxxx,
> a) Yes, if any 6vdc valve is energized with 12vdc, the pressure rating for
> this valve will be increased.
> b) If we over volt the valve, as described in a), the pressure increase will
> not be high enough for this customer. If we over volt we will not increase
> the valve pressure rating from 200 psi to 1000 psi.
> c) For application 1. If the working pressure needs to be 1000 psi, you will
> have to offer Bacosol valve type 04-211-101-20-6vdc 10w. This valve has a
> 0.8mm orifice seat and is rated to 60 bar working pressure. If the customer
> over volts with 12vdc this should be enough to allow the valve to work at
> the required 1000 psi (nearly 70 bar). The customer will have to prove this
> in his testing. Buna is ok for CO2. Port size G1/8
> d) For application 2. If the Nitrous Oxide working pressure is 1000 psi you
> will have to offer the same valve as c) and over volt at 12vdc. This valve
> will need PTFE seals (as advised by the customer) so the part number is
> 04-211-101-24-6vdc 10w.
> e) For application 2. If the gasoline working pressure is only 4 to 6 psi,
> and the orifice size required is 1.2mm you should offer the following
> Minisol solenoid valve - 06-211-102-21-6vdc 5w. Orifice size is 1.2mm/ Brass
> body/ Viton seals.
> All valve are 2/2NC
> Port size G1/8
> Brass body
> Prices for these valves will be in your price list.
> Regards,
> xxxxx
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> Sent:   Tuesday, May 14, 2002 6:53 PM
> Subject:        FW: Solenoid Valves
> Hi xxxxx
> Have visited xxxxx to discuss application.  He is putting together two fire
> extinguisher system's for race cars - application one, driver sees smoke,
> throws a switch to energise valve, floods engine compartment with co2, the
> bottle pressure is 400psi but could rise to around 1000psi due to increase
> in temperature.  I have pointed out that we have quoted for valve rated at
> just over 200psi at 6vdc, Danny believes if he powers the coil at
> 12vdc then the valve will be able to offer the higher pressure, can you
> confirm this.
> Application two - this time injecting nitreous oxide/gasolene mix into the
> engine as a coolant.  Nitreous bottle pressure is 800psi again possible rise
> to 1000psi.  Each media to have its own valve, nitreous oxide will require
> PTFE seal as advised by Danny, again to be powered by 12vdc, would like to
> use the 06 211 103 valve we have quoted with appropriate seal is this
> possible?
> The gasolene is at pressure of 4-6psi only, Danny is happy that a 1.2mm
> orifice
> is correct, can you advise on seal material? would buna be ok?
> Will order valves to try on prototype system.
> Thanks
> xxxxx
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> Sent:   16 April 2002 15:55
> Subject:        Solenoid Valves
> Hi there,
> Im trying to get hold of some solenoids. The type i require have:
> 1.4mm (or thereabouts) internal diameter,
> Brass Seat,
> 1/8" BSP Female brass connectors,
> Simple, two way axial layout
> Open on Energise
> can carry up to 150psi
> will work on CO2
> work on 6v DC current
> and preferably have PTFE sealing rings.
> I have been finding it increasingly difficult to these and would appreciate
> any information you can supply for me. There is a certain degree of
> flexibilty with certain parts.